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Amplifon have over 65 years experience providing support, care and lifetime aftercare to people suffering from hearing issues. Come along to the branch here at Saxon Square for all of your ear and hearing problems and queries.


You can come along for a hearing test completely free of charge. No matter how bad you think your hearing may be come along anyway and get it checked out. You can also see all of the latest technology on offer for free if you need to get some kind of hearing aid.


Amplifon pride themselves on their personalised service. No one person is the same so they invest a lot of training and time to ensure that everyone receives the exact service that they need. The expert help is tailored to each person's specific health and lifestyle needs so you really do receive the very best support.


Once you join Amplifon you will automatically join onto their free lifetime aftercare service which means that you will receive unlimited check-ups and five star hearing aid service forever.


There is no need to worry about what your hearing aid may look like should you require one. Here at Amplifon, they are so small that they won't be seen by anyone and nobody would guess you were even wearing one. It will fit right into your lifestyle easily and hassle free.


It is really important to check your hearing regularly so come in to the Amplifon store here at Saxon Square today for a free hearing test.


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