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Grape Tree

Grape Tree here at Saxon Square is the place to come for feel good foods. Not only do they taste delicious, the are extremely healthy and bursting with nutrition so you will feel amazing too. There are plenty of fruits, treats and nuts that taste amazing and that is why people keep on coming back for more. 


Grape Tree are dedicated to providing their customers with the best deals possible. Products are affordable and there is a lot of value for money meaning that customers not only feel amazing when eating products here but they also feel amazing when buying from Grape Tree too.


Products aren't only restricted to fruits and nuts either. You will find confectionery and baking ingredients, honey and coconut based products, and also a wide variety of drinks including coconut water, iced tea, tea and shakes. Finally you will also find a range of supplements here at Grape Tree meaning that you can ensure that you receive all the goodness you need in your diet and you are putting the very best products into your body.


The name Grape Tree is derived from the tree that can be found in Brazil called the Jabuticaba. They believe that the fruits, aside from tasting amazing, also have medicinal qualities. these fruits interestingly grow directly on the trunks and the branches of the tree!


So pop into Grape Tree today and you won't look back on a lifestyle that not only tastes good but will leave you feeling amazing too. 


Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 9.30am-5:30pm

Sunday: CLOSED

01202 929450